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Why You Should Learn the American Accent

For many foreigners choosing to immigrate to the US it is important for them to improve not only on their knowledge of the English language but also their American accent. Without doubt an authentic sounding American accent can open up many more opportunities, particularly where employment opportunities are concerned. This said, losing your foreign accent is not a requirement but a heavy foreign accent can be seen to hold you back and be a slight disadvantage due to the acceptance and tolerance levels of many Americans. So […]

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Improve Your American Accent

It is usually foreigners who will study the American accent in a bid to improve their chances of obtaining a more top end job. But there are also those from other States and even English speaking countries that choose to develop or improve their American accent. In the majority of cases, the reasons behind improving ones American accent is generally down to a career move. Actors, understudies or those competing for a high paying job will do whatever it takes to improve their chances and good diction […]

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