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How the American Accent Can Work for You

Intelligence, personality and ability or just some of the qualities sort after when it comes to hiring new recruits. Just like all the other candidates applying for the post, those of foreign origin share these qualities. The only thing that can possibly hold them back or work against them is their lack of American accent or rather presence of a heavy foreign accent. For some employers, communication is vital and anything considered problematic is likely to be eliminated from the get go. Foreigners are generally discriminated against […]

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How to Develop An American Accent

Many people who choose to learn English as a foreign language opt for developing an American accent. This may be because they have the intention to either travel to the United States or reside there and speaking English with a native accent can be an advantage to prevent alienation. For anyone learning English there are several ways to tackle the language. Attending classes held in a classroom, private tuition and online courses are just some of the ways you can learn English. But developing a native American […]

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